Jump from a helicopter and skydive facing the legendary Matterhorn !

Unique dropzone in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by 4’000m peaks and the Matterhorn in the centre.

Starting from 840 CHF

Skydive Zermatt | Skydiving in front of the Matterhorn!

SkydiveZermatt instructors are certified by Swiss Skydive. This accreditation guarantees that skydiving rules and  laws are applied, and we therefore provide security and excellence.

Skydive Zermatt is a subsidiary of  EPCO – Skydiving School of Château d’Oex.

A breathtaking experience

We offer tandem jumps with certified instructors. Each helicopter can carry a maximum of 5 people : 2 clients, their instructor and one external cameraman

Exit altitude


Flight time with Air Zermatt

5-8 min*

*or more if you book additional minutes


20-35 seconds

Flight under canopy

4-6 min

Tandem jumping

After a short training, you will fly away with your instructor for an unforgettable fall.



per person

External video supplement
(140.- per person)

On request, a professional freelance cameraman will film you

Flight time supplement
(200.- per person)

On request, take a tour of the Matterhorn before jumping.

VIP Tandem Jump

An exclusive experience in a privatized helicopter. We organize the transport from your hotel and a tasting of the terroir after your jump. 



per person

External video supplement (included)

A professional freelance cameraman will film you

Flight time supplement (included)

Take a tour of the Matterhorn before jumping.

Practical information

Upon arrival at Air Zermatt base, you will undertake a safety briefing (safety aboard the helicopter, positioning for the jump, freefall body position and landing position), and you will have the opportunity to ask any other questions you may have. Next, we will help you get equipped for the jump, with a harness and goggle in hand. We will then head to the helicopter when take-off is scheduled. The flight duration is about 5 to 6 minutes – unless you book extra time to get closer to the Matterhorn. Enjoy the view above Zermatt, surrounded by 4’000m peaks – breathtaking views guaranteed!

After that, we stand up on the helicopter skids (10cm wide!), facing the Matterhorn, with 3’000m of air beneath you and…. off we jump into this wonderful landscape. Freefall with this view, adrenaline-rush guaranteed ! Finally, the instructor will open the parachute and you will fly above Zermatt for a few minutes until we land, gliding onto the grass.

The helicopter (AS 350) can take up to 5 skydivers : two instructors with their clients and one cameraman/photographer.
Jumps are thus organized so that there are two clients on each load – excluding the VIP tandem. Only one of the two clients may book the external video option.

Air Zermatt base in Zermatt. You will receive an email confirmation with the exact time the day before.

From your arrival at Air Zermatt, it takes between one and two hours for the briefing, gearing up, helicopter flight, jump, landing, and return to the base (5 min). But as it is an outdoor activity, standby time is possible. We therefore ask that you plan for a half-day in order to make the most of your experience! And before or after, enjoy Zermatt!

Should this be the case, you can postpone your jump to a later date, or request a refund.

Safety is our top priority! We are in a high-altitude, mountain environment, and weather conditions can change very quickly. If there are strong winds, these do not allow for jumping in optimum conditions. Therefore, cancellations are possible, even when the sun is shining.

Yes, every tandem master has a hand camera and will give you the footage of your jump. As an optional extra, you can choose to have an external video (a cameraman will jump with you and your instructor). Please note that there is room for only one cameraman per helicopter.

It is a legal requirement that you are at least 12 years old to jump in Switzerland, but please contact us for more details if you are under 16 years old. Please also note that you must obtain written consent from your parent/guardian if you are under 18 years old.

In the summer, jeans or sturdy trousers as we land on our bottoms, a T-shirt, a sweater and a soft shell jacket, preferably without a hood. Trainers/sneakers are appropriate footwear. No mountain boots with lace hooks. In the winter you should wear warm clothes such as ski apparel.

YES! An empty stomach often leads to passengers feeling sick. We thus highly recommend that you eat a meal before your jump. However, do avoid anything too heavy, and alcohol must not be consumed in the 6 hours, minimum, directly preceding the jump.

For sure. The landing zone is a 4 minute walk from AirZermatt. Your friends and family will be able to see you taking off and watch you landing.

NO! A tandem in freefall has a speed of around 200 to 250km/h. At this speed, we cannot accept that you wear accessories that could harm you or your instructor. Furthermore, the footage you would get is of the ground only, or at most a close-up of your chin. Your mind would be elsewhere and you would not make the most of this unique experience. You will receive the footage taken by your instructor, and if you want more, book a cameraman to get even better pictures.

No. We ask you to sign a waiver before you jump with us. This is standard procedure in any skydiving center.

Yes. All our instructors are certified, and have undertaken thousands of jumps.

Next jumping dates

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July 30
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Cancellation possible
according to the weather

Maximum 83 kg

Maximum 1.90m

Our instructors

Skydive Zermatt | Skydiving in front of the Matterhorn!
Philippe Corthésy

Founder and Chief Freefall Officer
Tandem Instructor since 2007
Skydiver since 1996
Speedskydiving World Cup Events winner
More than 3'000 jumps so far

Skydive Zermatt | Skydiving in front of the Matterhorn!
Blaise Knabe

Tandem Instructor since 2018
Immersed in the world of skydiving since he was 3 months old
Participated in large formations world records
More than a thousand jumps so far

Skydive Zermatt | Skydiving in front of the Matterhorn!
Julien Ballif

Tandem Instructor since 2016
Participated in large formations world records
More than 2'000 jumps so far

Skydive Zermatt | Skydiving in front of the Matterhorn!
Sylvain "Sly" Gaeng

Skydiver since the 90's
Sly combines his passion for image with his love of fun sports
More than 2'000 jumps so far

Our partners

Skydive Zermatt | Skydiving in front of the Matterhorn!
Air Zermatt

Our indispensable partner in Zermatt. Incredible panoramic flights!

Do you want to learn freefall?

EPCO - Ecole de Parachutisme de la Gruyère